by Bike Tuff

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I still think you're the one, an unrequited love. Dance circles through my dreams, make me feel so seventeen. Even I wouldn't ask me. Even I wouldn't ask me to be a part of your perfect life. To be a fly that laps the sweat off of the back of your neck. The rock you clench in your fist; a keepsake from your time out west in Colorado. When you were sixteen, 900 miles with your family. Did you think about me? Hopeless, rejected bathetic. Did you forget about me?
Don't bother me tonight, I wanna make my own trouble. Burning the stars, I shouldn't have to explain it. Shadow puppets in the moonlight, dancing on pavement I will not explain it. Ripped in two, the razor burns the side of my face. It irritates, but I power through. I really have to get close to you, it cannot wait, the spark will perish if we hesitate. The way we view our bodies through a microscopic lens, it makes me nervous. I know you hate the prickles across your chin when we kiss. And now I wonder how deep it drills, do you scoff at the core of me? Laughing under your breath how could I be so shallow. So I run, my body hollow.


Digital single and b-side.


released May 19, 2015

All songs written by Bike Tuff, lyrics by N. Richards.
Recorded and Mixed by Mike Smith.
Mastered by Azimuth Mastering.


all rights reserved


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